Andalucía: el destino perfecto para golfistas
29 octubre 2019
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27 noviembre 2019

The British publication, The Telegraph once designated Andalusia The Best Place To Live In The World.

Andalusia – The Best Place To Live In The World

The region’s climate, cuisine, the warmth of its people, its culture and heritage were all listed as highlights in the British newspapers’ review. It is perhaps the most popular region in Spain with foreign visitors and receives millions of tourists every year but it is one of the best places in the world to retire too.

The cities of Seville, Malaga, Granada, and Cordoba are delightful in every way possible. They are not as crowded as some of the other cities in Spain and have an open and diverse culture. There are plenty of delightful beaches here as well. The region has many fertile marshlands, thickly forested areas, semi-deserts and more. Andalucía has a perfect climate – it receives 320 days of sunshine and not more than 20 days of rain.  It has a mild climate which is ideal for growing fruits and vegetables.

Andalucía is spread over 54,000 square miles of territory and is a great place to buy a retirement home.

Why is Andalusia the best place to retire in Europe? For one it is the perfect Mediterranean retirement heaven that you’ve probably been looking for. It is a very safe place with a low crime rate. The locals are friendly, open and warm-hearted and the culture in Andalusia is rich, varied and interesting. We know this all firsthand, so we’ve gathered some excellent reasons to choose Andalusia as the best place to retire.


The Moorish features, typical white houses, and cottages that dot the region’s mountainside are favorites for residents of all types. If you want to capture a glimpse of these exquisite examples of the region’s architecture, just walk the streets of Mijas in Malaga or the villages of Costa del Luz in Cadiz, among many other corners of Andalusia.


Andalusia’s “art of tapas” is quite famous, they are small portions of food accompanied by a fine wine or cold beer. Any part of Andalucia is a good place to find a tapas which includes chorizo, cheese, calamari or shrimp are just some examples that will satisfy your appetite with tasty, local produce of the highest quality.


The typical singing and music of the streets in every corner of Andalusia is flamenco. Throughout the length and breadth of this land, one can be found “tablaos” for this style of singing and dancing that has become so much a part of the Spanish personality.


The Roman, Arab era of Al Andalus and Christian era all combine to mark the idiosyncrasy of this region. Andalusia offers up many examples of historical events that would go on to influence Spain and the rest of the world.


In Andalucia, tapas are not the only food to celebrate. Known to be one of the best in the world, the Mediterranean diet is something that defines regional cuisines in homes and restaurants across Andalucia.


Another attraction of the area are the beaches, straddling the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Following along the Mediterranean coast, one finds the Costa del Sol, with excellent beaches and available services.


Andalucia’s climate is one of the most characteristic aspects of the region. The sun shines for much of the year, which spurs people to make the most of life on the streets. The local climate provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life.


The cultural richness of Andalucia can especially found in its heritage. You cannot leave Andalucia without visiting one of the prominent Moorish monuments, like the Cordoba Mosque and its enclaves.


Natural and local products that make up the Mediterranean diet can be found on display in an enriching and relaxed market atmosphere. In the market, shoppers can not only purchase food but also seek out the advice of the shopkeepers on how best to prepare the products they’ve bought.


For years, the warmth of the people of southern Spain has made it a wonderful attraction. The region’s wonderful personality makes visitors feel immediately at home, integrating them into the land and culture of Andalucia.

Andalucía is home to a large British expat community. Most of the locals here speak English very well, so communication isn’t a problem here.


As Europe’s leading golf destination, Andalusia is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite sport and hit some balls on world-class golf courses.