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6 November 2019
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10 May 2020

As we have talked in previous post, the South of Spain is the most popular destination to retire. Benahavis, an traditional village located in Málaga, is becoming a popular retirement destination. The land of sun, sea, and sangria promises an excellent quality of life with affordable living costs and cheap flights to other places in Europe making it the ideal location where to go exploring from.

After all, isn’t that what retirement is for?


The land of sun, sea, and sangria promises an excellent quality of life with affordable living costs and cheap flights to other places in Europe making it the ideal location where to go exploring from.


Among all the possible locations, Benahavis, Málaga, known for its peace and the quiet deep well of charm and breathtaking beauty, has become a popular destination among those who want to retire. With a population of just under 6,000, Benahavis is the most mountainous village on the Western Costa del Sol.


Location of Benahavis


It is situated midway between the towns of Marbella and Estepona, near the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves. With a terrain that is traversed by the Rivers Guadalmanza, Guadaiza and Guadalmina, traveling to Benahavis is no doubt “as close to paradise as you can get.” Benahavis can be easily reached from various airports. The nearest airport is the North Front Airport in Gibraltar which is only 31 miles away. Other airports nearby include the Malaga International Airport (Malaga, 32 miles) and the Jerez Airport (Jerez, 58 miles). Most people arrive from the airport in Malaga with a travel time of approximately 50 minutes.


What type of climate does it have?


Benahavis has a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate with the summer being hot and the winter having a warm temperature. However, the cool breeze from the sea makes the summer heat tolerable and allows the temperature to reach an average of 32 degrees Celsius. The driest month is July while August is known as the warmest month. The lowest average temperatures in the year are usually observed in January when they reach around 11.5 degrees Celsius.


Retiring to Benahavis – What is it like to live there?


Benahavis has a thriving expat community that is mostly made up of Irish, Scandinavian and British residents. Having said that, moving to Benahavis can be the best decision you can make as you can easily make friends both with fellow expats and the local residents.


Plus points include that Benahavis is already an established working village with everything close by and within easy reach. It is a relatively safe part of the Costa del Sol being a quiet and small village there is little crime and Benahavis is a great place to retire.


What is there to see and do?


Benahavis mostly occupies a forest landscape with urbanized localities forming only a minimum part of the area. “Las Angosturas,” found in the Ronda Mountains, is recognized and declared as a Monument of natural interest.


The following places will make your stay truly unforgettable.


Castle of Montemayor.

Torre Esteril.

Torre Tramores.

Torre Campanillas.

Torre Daidin.

Torre Leoneras.

What are the best bars in Benahavis?


There are a number of bars that you can choose which include the traditional Spanish tapa bars, the British themed bars or the late-night venues.


Some of the best bars you can find in the area include:


Legends Bar & Grill (Calle Montemayor 1, Tel. +34-952-856-263) – Its main draw is the great food while providing guests with both sporting and music entertainment all throughout the year.

Bodeguita El Chico (Calle de Malaga, Tel. +34-610-719-533) – While the bar is small, it’s famous for the big sizes of its gin and tonic which the guests would usually enjoy in a large bowl glass.

What are the best restaurants in Benahavis?


Reputed to be the dining room of the Costa del Sol, Benahavis is a haven for foodies and drinking buffs with its various types of restaurants and international dishes. It sounds incredible but some people say Benahavis has so many restaurants that there are more seats than inhabitants. While most restaurants typically offer Spanish cuisine, you can also find French cuisine, Italian food, and Indian curries.


For excellent food quality and superb service, you can check out the following restaurants.


Los Abanicos Restaurant –Dishes that are fantastic include the golden sea bass alongside blueberry glazed venison or the succulent lamb. Calle Malaga 15, Tel. +34-952-855-131

Amanhavis Hotel & Restaurant– Calle Pilar 3, Tel. +34-952-856-026 – The Amanhavis has a reputation amongst locals as standing out from all the others in the village.


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