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Project Management

Project management is the method, process, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific objectives according specifics criteria within agreed parameters. The final deliverables are constrained to a finite timescale and budget.

We supervise, coordinate and manage the technical, administrative and market risks for the fulfillment of the project and the business plan to be developed by the developer.

A key factor that distinguishes project management from just 'management' is that it is based in a close results control in a short, medium and long term unlike the simple management, which is an ongoing process.

Vreim, as a professional and specialized company, has a wide range of professionals who has strong and technical skills and good business awareness.

VREIM provides an independent Project Manager service, supervising and/or controlling the management of the execution and development of developments under construction financed by a third party, and basically consists of ensuring that the building behaves appropriately with regard to the foreseeable actions and influences to which it may be subject during its construction and intended use.

We provide the services of Technical Management, consulting, analysis, assessment and advice, throughout the life cycle of the investment.

In addition, we add value to the building by making it an intelligent development at the level of the latest monitoring techniques. Other interesting advantages are:

- Early detection of deviations.
- Cost reduction.
- Control automation.
- Increased security of investment.
- Absolute transparency of the project for the developer and financier.

Project Monitoring

We supervise, coordinate and manage the monitoring of technical, administrative, legal, economic and market risks for the fulfillment of the business plan presented by the developer for its financing.

We supervise the urban modifications that may affect the assets owned by our client.

VREIM provides an independent service of Project Monitoring, supervision and/or management control service during the life of the project financed by a third party, which basically consists of ensuring that the project behaves appropriately in relation to the foreseeable actions and influences to which it may be subject during its construction and intended use.

We provide consulting, analysis, valuation and advisory services throughout the entire life cycle of the investment.

Technical Monitoring - In line with the project's objectives, we analyse and monitor each of the project's phases [Urban Development, Project Drafting, Licences, Tenders, Construction Contract, Construction Monitoring, Construction Closure, Construction Delivery and First Occupancy Licence] so that any risks and deviations that may arise can be detected in good time.

Financial Monitoring - We monitor the expenses and income generated during the life of the project, analyzing deviations and possible effects in the short and medium term, as well as controlling the use of the provisions.

Commercial Monitoring - An important part of the project is to monitor the behavior of other projects in the environment, analyzing the product, sales and prices. We analyze the marketing tender. We check the commercial actions.

Property Management

Soil management: land acquisition, cadastral and registry verification, adjacent analyses, property management and environmental qualification.

Urbanism: constitution and management of Compensation Boards, real estate complexes, Urban Conservation entities and Communities of owners.

Consultancy: We offer support and advice adapted to the needs of our client (analysis of the needs of your company, detailed management to ensure compliance with your objectives, involvement with the client and development of strategies) in order to achieve their objectives.

VREIM's management model differs from other models in the market, due to its transversal approach: from the investment decision to the divestment, the client has a single interlocutor throughout the process. In this way, the project manager has direct, in-depth and exhaustive knowledge of the real needs of the investors from the beginning to the end of the whole process.

VREIM provides comprehensive real estate support and management services to asset holders, administrations and investors interested in analysing and operating in the Andalusian real estate market. We provide solutions at all stages of the life cycle of the assets and/or the investment.

For those investors who do not have an existing infrastructure in Spain, our value lies in the ability to provide a complete program, thus enabling them to take full advantage of opportunities and optimize efficiency, from the first steps to the end of the investment horizon.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are used to obtain information prior to the closing of a transaction; therefore, it is the process by which an investor evaluates the assets.

For the analysis he obtains information regarding:
- Its location and current configuration.
- Its ownership and occupation status.
- Its administrative and urban situation.
- Its technical and regulatory compliance with the use to which it is destined.
- Market demand.

With all this, a report is issued covering the following aspects:
1. Description of the situation of the asset from the points mentioned above.
2. Analysis of the best project option for the development of the asset.
3. Economic valuation study of the investment required to carry out the best project. Analyzing the necessary cash flows, according to the studied planning.

Market Research

At VREIM, we start the service from our technical, commercial and legal departments by means of a meeting with the client in order to know his needs and the particularities of the project to be started.

We propose action guidelines and assign a Project Manager who will be responsible for carrying out an exhaustive evaluation and a detailed action plan.

A technical and commercial team composed of qualified professionals will be presented as appropriate.


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