Best Routes for hiking in Costa del Sol

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27 November 2019
10 May 2020

The Costa del Sol is not all about the sun, beach, and ocean. Marbella and the wider Costa del Sol is the perfect location to try more active leisure pursuits, like hiking through the best routes and feeling the benefit from living so close to nature.

If you are a professional or an amateur walker, hiking can be a great way to relax and practice healthy living.

There are many well-known benefits of being close to nature, and hiking is also great for your health and mental wellbeing. Hiking is not only great for the body, but it also does wonders for your mental health too.

With so many routes and locations to try in the Costa del Sol, here we offer you some suggestions that will suit all levels of proficiency and offer different experiences.

List of best routes for hiking in the Costa del Sol:

Perfect for experienced walkers: Check out the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park for a wide variety of tracks. Start your walk at the Quejigales recreational area and move up to Puerto de Los Pilones to enjoy the splendid views of the beautiful surroundings like the Cerro Alcazaba, the Torrecilla Peak, and Málaga’s coastline. There is also a possibility to see some endangered species like Bonelli’s Eagle or Quejigos de Montaña in this area.

New walkers: Another great trail to try starts at the Mirador de Luis Ceballos viewpoint. This easy hike is a 5km walk and reaches the destination of Tajo de la Caina, where you can appreciate some of the most majestic sweeping mountain views.

Daredevils: If you are up for some more extreme hiking, try the route traversing the highest mountain in Marbella; La Concha. But keep in mind that it is advisable to have hiking experience before climbing La Concha. There are a couple of ways to climb the mountain and the first one starts from the natural park and hotel El Refugio de Juanar, continuing 8km to the top. The tougher nut to crack is the route from Istan, next to the water treatment facility. Even though this route is shorter (around 10km roundtrip), the path is more demanding.

The hikers’ checklist

  • Check the forecast before you go. If strong winds are predicted, you might consider another day.
  • Wear suitable clothing – even though hiking can be a fun activity to try, be prepared for difficulties by wearing hiking boots to avoid slipping, as well as suitable clothes for the trail and weather.
  • Take enough water and food with you. A small bottle isn’t enough for the whole day!
  • Take some sun cream as you are at a greater chance of being exposed to the UV radiation in the mountains.
  • Charge your phone and even take a power pack with you for the longer routes.
  • In case of an emergency, call 112 and stay where you are until you are found.
  • Start the hike as early as you can – some trails can take longer than you expect.

There’s a lot more we could say about the sense of peace and tranquillity that comes with walking through the best routes in the Costa del Sol, so do not delay this experience anymore, come and enjoy it by you.

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