Advantages of Investing in sustainable housing in Andalusia

4 February 2019
6 March 2019

In the architectural field of Andalusia, the current trend is to build with the sense of respecting nature.

Thanks to the sustainable and ecological housing this tendency has been increased, giving way to a huge number of advantages and a building model committed to environmental protection, to the efficient use of resources, energy and that equally represents an urban development, but in this case balanced.

That said, we must know what the advantages of this type of Andalusian constructions are and why they are pioneers and known as sustainable and ecological construction:

-These houses use less energy than standard houses.

-Their energy consumption is low thanks to the fact that they do not depend on conventional energy sources.

-They represent healthy people since in many cases they use natural materials, free of toxins.

-Many of their materials are recycled, based on the fundamental principle of environmental protection.

-They take advantage of natural resources such as solar energy, wind or rainwater.

-Many of their creative designs adapt to any circumstance.

-They can regulate humidity as well as the temperature.

-They are modern, fully customized and built under the Europe 2020 regulations (an EU strategy and agenda for the building construction that takes the most of their location to obtain energy and economic savings).

-They contribute to preventing climate change by eliminating pollution both inside and outside.

-They reactivate the economy by creating different jobs in the construction area.

-They provide maximum comfort and habitability by naturally integrating themselves with climate changes and people’s lifestyles.

-They are built to adapt to the weather conditions of its surroundings (wind, location, vegetation, relief).

-They reduce CO2 pollution.

-They improve the thermal and sound insulation.

-They adapt to the location since it will determine its characteristics according to the owner’s climatic needs and the natural resources to keep it the cool in summer and the warmth in winter.

-Speed ​​of execution thanks to the fact that it is much more practical the transportation of building materials and because many of them are already prefabricated.

-They mix the traditional Andalusian architecture with the latest technologies in construction and architecture.

-In some cases, they can even provide income generation, since an ecological house can produce an excess of energy which can be sold to third parties if you have the necessary infrastructure and the correspondent permits.

-Many houses are made with bioclimatic wood, in other words, they are adapted to the main characteristics of the Andalusian weather.

-Depending on their design, they will have constant and pleasant temperatures indoors throughout the year and they will make good use of natural light.

In conclusion, thanks to the latest technology, investing in sustainable and ecological housing is the best choice to make peace with our environment because of all the damage that we have caused in terms of constructions. They aim to transform Andalusia in a pioneer in innovation and renovation. Their more eco-friendly use of natural resources, efficiency, and urban development make them a perfect example of how all architectural and building projects should be to improve living conditions without putting aside comfort, needs, preferences and tastes.