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VREIM management model differs from other models in the market, due to its transversal focus: from the investment decision to the divestment, the client has a single interlocutor in the whole process. In this way, the project manager has a direct, deep and exhaustive knowledge of the real needs of investors from the beginning to the end of the entire process.

Sergio Cuervo Muñoz de Rivera

Real Estate Developer Director | Partner

Monitoring, Real Estate and Financial Services, Urban Planning and Tourism Solutions
- Real Estate Director & Development at VREIM
- Real Estate Asset Manager at VREIM
- Analyst and Advisor of investments in land and singular assets - Corporate Savings
- Andalusia Project Management Delegate


Patricia Alé Vera

Project Director | Road, Canal and Port Engineer - Civil Engineer in Public Works

Monitoring, PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification, Business Communication,
Master in Urbanism, Master in Railway Lines & Master in Ports and Coasts
- Project Manager RCS (Treana - Alborada-ARIA-Cosmo Beach)
- Project Manager - Monitoring - Valle Romano - Villas
- Work Director (Alcaidesa Inmobiliaria and Alcaidesa Marina)


José María Garmendia Azpeitia

Urban Planning Lawyer

- Senior Associate Lawyer Mucientes Abogados
- Real Estate Lawyer ACSI, Savings Corporation Real Estate Solutions
- Master in Urban Planning and Management
- Master in Law - Specialization in Private Law
- Deusto University Law Degree


Verónica Martín Peláez

Building Engineering -Quantity Suveyor

- Technical Monitoring
- BIM for technical architects
- Cost control specialized, materials and technical planning


José Luis López Ruiz

Technical Architect - Building Engineer - Consultant

- Project monitoring
- Due Diligence, Auditing, Feasibility and Project Valuations
- Master in Business Management and Administration
- Project Manager different business projects
- Technical control specialist - Post-sales Control


Alonso Becerra González

Project Technician | Technical Engineer Public Works

- Construction work management | Control and project management
- 20 years of experience in different engineering companies in the sector - Superior Technician in Occupational Risks Prevention


Ana Ramos García

Quality Manager - Commercial Real Estate Analyst

- Translation and Interpretation Graduate EN > EN/FR/GR, Automatic and Assisted Translation
- Legal Translation BTC 365
- International marketing in VREIM
- Andalusian Real Estate Market Analyst


Mar Bielsa

Financial and Balance Analysis, Tax Reform and Immediate Information Systems

- Financial responsible
- Tax advisor
- Financial director in a first-rate construction company


Rocío Holgado

Tech Monitoring Support

- Business Administration - Commercial Real Estate Analyst
- Master's degree in multimedia and networks
- Web Design, Internet and New Technologies
- Technological monitoring of processes specialist


Elisa Ramírez Perez

Project Technician | Graduate in Mathematics

- Feasibility Analysis, Big data, Project Controller
- Integrated Skills in English (ISE II), Trinity College London: Level C1
- Statistical software: R, R-Commander
- Programming language: C++
- Mathematical programming: Wolfram Mathematica, Xpress, LPSolve


Guillermo Luis Navarro Guitart

Project Technician | Road, Canal and Port Engineer

- Master in Renewable Energies
- HLG Temple Construction
- GIS4tech


Pedro Plaza Piñero

Building Engineering - Real Estate Management - Technical Architecture

- Master in Business Administration
- Real Estate Project Management Expert
- Regional Delegate Toscares S.A
- Director of Production Cutesa S.A
- Head of Building Works of several companies


Abel García Jimenez

Cadiz Sales Manager

- Logistics: Constructora P Manciño SL
- Customer Service: LauroGolf Resort
- Manager: Explotaciones Lince SL