The passive house concept

4 febrero 2019

Do you imagine a house that get warm or cool by itself?

It already exists and we call it Passive House. These kind of houses spend less artificial energy than normal houses. Besides energy efficient, they are also comfortable and affordable.

The concept is based on decreasing the traditional heating system through sustainable isolation of walls, windows, roofs and floor slabs to maintain a natural and comfortable temperature for living.

Actions from strategies that have to be considered while planning the housing structure for a long-term energy saving.


Features and benefits from passive housing:

  • They save up to 90% of heating and cooling in comparison of traditional homebuilding system.
  • They use the sunlight and warm for both the internal heat sources and electric energy.
  • In summer when months are warmer, passive houses use the strategically intended positions and shades to acquire wind from the outside to refresh the inside.
  • The ventilation system is also designed to evade unpleasant air draughts around the house and making an equal distribution of temperature around the house.
  • They have to be technically adapted to the ambient climate, there is not the same passive house in a tropical climate place than in a cold climate.


Passive House concept is a new technique that are being considered when planning the homebuilding and a trend for developers and construction companies not only for the sustainable efficiency of the houses, also for optimization from the external context and implementation of new technology for the inhabitant well-being.