18 marzo 2019
Business for real estate investment trust in Andalusia
25 abril 2019

Real Estate market has taken a significate change in Andalusia, Spain the reality is not different; the world majestic, unique and spectacular often precedes property descriptions that are supported with great photographs. In addition, luxury real state sellers are trained to identify one-of-a-kind types of buyers and to offer services that satisfy the most peculiar demands.

Having this in mind, here there is an overview of some characteristics about the luxury real state in Andalusia and its most trusted entities in the market.

State Agents in Andalusia

In Andalusia, state agents manage the vast majority of property sales, especially those upscale ones; this reality is particularly evident when there are overseas clients in the picture. In other words, they narrow their focus, strategies, and resources when the client comes from a foreign country, a completely valid approach given that the audience is different therefore the set of strategies must adjust to it.

Some agents offer the clients viewing trips packages that include free or cheap accommodations for the buyer. Once they allured these potential clients the set of properties to show are the most expensive ones; these are at the top of the list and they come with tours that show detailed information about luxury spaces and set of items that make that property unique.

Real State Associations

In Andalusia the most recognized real state associations are API- Real Estate Agents in English-, GIPE-Intermediary Manager of Properties and Buildings also in English- and LPA Spain- Leading Property Agents of Spain-. These associations serve as a regulatory body that certifies credentials, licenses and provide on-going training to agents. Besides, these associations uphold the reputation and better -functioning of the industry in Andalusia.

Among these three, API that in Spanish stands for “Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria” is perhaps the most recognized entity that works under the seal of approval of the nation’s “Ministerio de Fomento”; therefore, the fees are controlled, and any violation of the law or misconduct is punished by fines and licenses being revoked. On the other hand, LPA Spain is a group long established primarily on the Costa del Sol with qualified real estate agencies, agents, and business with the longest reputation.

This valid information helps any one-of-a-kind buyer, or soon to be, to have a base to further his or her research on the matter. The better and more information a buyer holds about a market, especially if it is a foreign one, reduces the risk of making the wrong choice. Undoubtedly, bad decisions often cause considerable money loss which is an undesirable outcome to avoid at all cost.